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1994-1998 NC A&T State University
Greensboro, NC
Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering
Dissertation: A Cellular Wireless Power System Architecture.
The architecture proposed successfully addresses the health risks and frequency and severity of outages associated with high voltage transmission and distribution lines and promotes the usage of Alternative Energy Sources (AESs).

1991-1993 NC A&T State University
Greensboro, NC
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Thesis: A Backpropagation Based Alternative to the Classical Power Flow Algorithm.
This algorithm based on neural network technology significantly improves the solution speed of power flow analysis, while maintaining the same level of accuracy and eliminating the possibility of failed solutions.

1985-1990 NC A&T State University
Greensboro, NC
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Teaching Experience:
2004-2005 Instructor
ECPI College of Technology
Greensboro, NC
I taught courses in Electrical Concepts and Mathematics, Fiber Optic Communications and Technology. I chaired a committee on Curriculum Development and sat on committees for enhancing Computer Technology and Library usage in the classroom. Developed guidelines for student organization institution and ongoing certification.

2001-2002 Professor
Shaw University, CAPE Program
High Point, NC
I taught undergraduate courses in Computing and Information Systems and Computing Applications - MS Office Professional. I was also responsible for maintaining the computer laboratory and peripherals.

1999-2000 Adjunct Assistant Professor
NC A&T State University, Department of Electrical Engineering
Greensboro, NC
I taught a courses and conducted laboratories in Power Systems (electric power theory, single and polyphase systems, HV system elements, etc.), Electromechanical Machinery (induction, synchronous, wound rotor, series, shunt machinery characteristics, applications and control) and Energy Conversion (electromechanical, electronic, etc.), Digital Logic, Microprocessing, and Basic Electrical Circuits.

Spring 1993 - Instructor
Spring 1998 NC A&T State University, Department of Electrical Engineering
Summer 2001 Greensboro, NC
I conducted an undergraduate laboratory in the areas of Power Systems, Electric Machinery and Energy Conversion. I was instrumental in the modification of the Power Systems and Control area of the department by developing course curriculums and assisting in the upgrade and expansion of the power systems and control laboratories.

Spring 1998 Instructor
Fall 1996 Alamance Community College, Department of Digital Electronics
Haw River, NC
I taught electronics communications courses and laboratories in the areas of Analog and Digital Communications and Electronics. The primary topics covered were modulation, transmission, reception, fiber optics, and microwave communications systems.

Summer 1997 Instructor
NC A&T State University, Department of Electrical Engineering Greensboro, NC
I taught a course in microprocessing focusing on the synthesis of the Motorola MC68000 microprocessor. Primary topics covered microprogramming, memory circuits, addressing modes and peripheral interaction.

Fall 1994 Instructor
Spring 1994 NC A&T State University, Department of Electrical Engineering
Greensboro, NC
I designed and conducted a graduate laboratory in Advanced Power Systems Analysis. The primary focuses of the course were to give the students hands-on experience in configuring ac and dc motors and generators, transformers, ac and dc loads and transmission and distribution systems and to introduce them to industry standard software analysis techniques such as, power flow analysis, fault analysis, reactive compensation, voltage profiling, etc.

Fall 1992 Graduate Assistant
Spring 1992 NC A&T State University, Department of Electrical En

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