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About Me

I can provide tutoring guidance to students according to their needs. I and my team are here to guide the knowledge seekers . I can provide guidance and give you my mentoring and tutoring services in all field of Mathematics and Computer Science. I am hard working and very keen to mentor students. Hard work, honesty and believe in good client relationships are the pillars of my success.From last few days i was free and thinking to help people online via live person. I can help students in completing their assignments and presentation with unique elements which can in result improve their grades.
what i can do in programming is:
java / C / C++ / Python
PHP / CSS / HTML / javascript
SQL / DataBase
what can i do in math is:
Linear Algebra
Differential Equation
Calculus 1&2
Multi Variable Calculus
probability and statistics
discrete Structure
Moreover, I can help you in almost every type of writing including web content writing, marketing, technical writing, resume writing, ghost writing etc.


M.Sc. (Computer Science) FAST University

B.Sc. (Computer Science) Comsats University

CISCO Certified


I have 8 years in experience in software engineering. I have experience in C++, Java, Python, Web. I have experience in MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle Database. I have experience in Eclipse, Net beans integrated development environment.Working in a software house and heading the team of 10 developers which is mainly handling the software project of the multinational companies mainly in Android and IOS. Moreover, the projects i have done in my university life makes me expert in the my field as well.

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April 28, 2016
Excellent in short time frame

April 20, 2016
Did great

April 16, 2016
Very good

April 15, 2016

February 25, 2016
always the best

February 15, 2016
Great (:

February 6, 2016
He is a good expert

February 5, 2016
Thank you

February 4, 2016
The best

February 3, 2016
Thank you

January 30, 2016
He is the best

January 25, 2016

January 24, 2016
Very nice !!

January 22, 2016
Great expert

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