Business & Finance

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    Sadaf Awan
    Here you will find the assistance for your problems related to business and finance $0.25/minute
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    Aziz Hamza
    Aziz Hamza
    Expert in Management, Marketing, Research, Communication, Report Writing, Analysis, Change Management, Internationalization, Business Development, Strategy, and Finance. $0.25/minute
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    Ofir Levi
    Teach and tutor Economics, Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Mathematics, Linear Programming and Operation Management and any question in Excel. $0.51/minute
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    Nabeel Mir
    I have many years of experience in Business field and I can guide my customers in methodological manner. $0.50/minute
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    Business professional with over 8 years of experience in Strategic Marketing, Human Resources, SCM and ERP $0.84/minute
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    Having more than 4 years experience in this field has made me able to assist students timely and qualitatively. $0.50/minute
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    I provide the professional help in Business and Finance to my clients.It includes financial planning,financial management of business organisations. $0.25/minute
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    The Best Mentor
    Expert in Business and Finance with almost six years experience, you can get best tutoring services in all fields of Business and Finance by an experienced mentor $0.50/minute
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    Grand Master
    I can keenly understand and satisfy client requirements in "Business and Finance" area because of my knowledge, experience, effective communication and professional commitment $0.25/minute
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    Business Finance Tutor
    I have a degree in Business Management and 4 years teaching experience in multiple subjects and I will provide my tutoring services to you. $0.25/minute