Business & Finance

  •  4.73/5
    CH Expert
    I have done MBA with 3 years involvement in Business & Finance field. I can give you quality work in the field of Business & Finance with most extreme precision and financiall $0.25/minute
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    I offer tutoring and mentoring services in the field of accounting and finance, contact me for work any work related to accounts and finance. $0.25/minute
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    Ahmad MS
    Top class advisory and tutorial services in Business Plans, Financial Feasibility, Case Studies, Financial Analysis and legal framework of the business. $0.50/minute
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    Business Accounts Finance
    I can provide mentoring services in accounting, finance, human resource management and marketing. $0.25/minute
  •  4.5/5
    Saqib Saeed
    Auditor at Ernst & Young one of the big four international audit firm. $0.25/minute
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    Adnan Kalim
    Bachelors of Business Administration BBA (Hons) , MS in Management Sciences and Ph.D In Management Sciences. $0.50/minute
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    expert usman
    trustworthy, dependable and experienced mentor gives tips for all subjects associated with business, Social Sciences, Literature, management, advertising and marketing. $2.50/minute
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    samar sohail
    i am in specialization Business management,bussiness planning,marketing,product media and finance management $0.25/minute