Dream Analysis

  •  4.85/5
    White Wolf Mystic
    ** NEW on Kasamba ** Dreams are the both the key and the door to higher knowledge, creative ideas, problem-solving, and access to the Spirit world. Let me help you navigate the hidden meanings in your dreams... $2.94/minute
  •  4.84/5
    Antonia Tarot
    Even though I typically use tools like Tarot or occasionally a pendulum, most of my readings are psychic messages and just being a catalyst for Spirit. I really like how every reading is different because every client is different. I tune into all my sen $4.00/minute
  •  5/5
    Light of Genesis
    ** NEW on Kasamba ** Did you know your dreams are a form of spiritual communication or information that you are supposed to receive? :) Lets tap into your dreams and find out what they mean, together. $1.50/minute
  •  4.71/5
    Understanding Marie
    Owner, Food For Hearts, Holistic Health
    ** NEW on Kasamba ** What You Should Know About The Dreams You Dream: Your dreams can have a deep and profound meaning! $3.89/minute
  •  4.96/5
    Draven Grey
    With my 19 years of experience, allow me to help you to understand the meaning of your dreams through thought provoking interpretations of the symbolic inferences that your subconscious mind communicates to you while you sleep. No matter what situation you $10.00/minute
  •  4.82/5
    Ask Kitty
    Ask kitty will help you to interpret your dream. Dream analysis is the interpretation of dreams to understand the meaning. $1.50/minute
  •  4.69/5
    Awaken Soul
    ** NEW on Kasamba ** Dreams have certain signs and symbol which can be analysed and expressed subconsciously, i can help you gain clarity and trusted psychic readings. $2.22/minute
  •  4.75/5
    Marla the Advisor
    Decode your dreams and find out how they can guide you on your path in life! Know your unconscious desires, thoughts and conflicts. $2.50/minute
  •  5/5
    I'll use my intuition and knowledge of the subconscious to let you know what messages your dreams are trying to let you know is coming into your life. $7.50/minute