Dream Analysis

  •  4.83/5
    True Destiny Reuniter
    Remove Confusion with my Dream Analysis and get Highly Intuitive, Accurate and Powerful Readings with Precise Predictions. Live a Doubt-Free Life with my Assistance. $1.50/minute
  •  4.95/5
    Onikah Spiritual Guide
    ** NEW on Kasamba ** Dream Analyst , Psychic able to analyze activity of our subconscious mind, dreams , deja vu, numbers. $14.95/minute
  •  4.89/5
    Psychic Medium
    Share your dreams and understand the spiritual messages behind them. $3.17/minute
  •  4.9/5
    LeeLoo.s Esotericorner
    Dream Seer, Dream Analyst, Psychologist. Multidisciplinary method of dream decoding. $3.00/minute
  •  4.96/5
    I am a psychic with 25 years of experience in dream interpretation. Please allow me to help you decipher your dreams. $4.50/minute
  •  4.68/5
    Ever Wonder What Your Dreams Mean? Well I can Help. I will in detail interpret your dreams for you and what there true meaning means for you. I also provide Psychic Readings Counselling Therapy Life Crisis and I am here to help you in any crisis that you m $7.50/minute
  •  4.98/5
    What are your dreams trying to tell you? Dreams are most vivid during the crises of life-change. Now is the time in your life when you most need understanding guidance. Nightmares that won't go away? Reoccurring dreams? Call now to receive a personalized $14.44/minute
  •  4.93/5
    ** NEW on Kasamba ** Sigmund Freud viewed dreams as “the royal road” to the unconscious and developed dream analysis, or dream interpretation, as a way of tapping into this unconscious material. Let's work together to see what your dreams mean for you. $4.00/minute
  •  4.93/5
    Laurie A.
    Seeking clarity in a confidential and non-judgmental arena? Understanding the dynamics between our soul intention, our current learning curves, and those around us allows us to navigate more happily. Discover new clarity about your dreams in relationship t $8.99/minute
  •  4.85/5
    Antonia Tarot
    Even though I typically use tools like Tarot or occasionally a pendulum, most of my readings are psychic messages and just being a catalyst for Spirit. I really like how every reading is different because every client is different. I tune into all my sen $4.00/minute

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