Dream Analysis

  •  4.75/5
    Eva Soul Reader
    Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during sleep. Do understand the content and purpose of dreams contact me $1.00/minute
  •  4.98/5
    ** NEW on Kasamba ** I am experienced in interpreting peoples dreams to extract any hidden messages that may be contained within them for the clients waking life. $3.50/minute
  •  4.94/5
    Ms Carine
    New to Kasamba! Psychic energy reader will help interpret your dreams. Dig deep into your energy and sub conscience to understand what your dreams are telling you. $4.00/minute
  •  4.96/5
    I am a psychic with 25 years of experience in dream interpretation. Please allow me to help you decipher your dreams. $4.50/minute
  •  4.84/5
    True Energy Tarot
    ** NEW on Kasamba ** Are you having strange or reoccurring dreams? I am a certified dream analyst and I can break down and interpret what your unconscious is trying to tell you. $3.50/minute
  •  4.77/5
    Psychic Sameera
    I can interpret dreams and help you know if there is any meaning or direction to go with it. please contact me for more specific insight. $1.50/minute
  •  4.97/5
    ** NEW on Kasamba ** Sigmund Freud viewed dreams as “the royal road” to the unconscious and developed dream analysis, or dream interpretation, as a way of tapping into this unconscious material. Let's work together to see what your dreams mean for you. $4.00/minute
  •  4.95/5
    Laurie A.
    Wondering what a dream was telling you. Receive insight and support with navigating understanding yourself. $15.00/minute
  •  4.64/5
    Truthful Love Readings
    Numbers impact on our life is very high, with help of numerology I can let you know how and what numbers will rule in your favor. $1.50/minute
  •  4.86/5
    Alamay Reading
    *New on Kasamba* High-Frequency Beings Channeling Answers to Your Dream Questions - Find Out What Your Dreams Truly Mean Deep Down $1.67/minute