Palm Reading

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    palm reading is insightful on all aspects of life the guidelines in your palm will help me tap into your energy and connect to reveal what has came and what is to come $4.50/minute
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    June Readings
    ** NEW on Kasamba ** With my natural gifts, I have over 10 years of experience as a professional reader. I helped more than 8000 clients , guiding them to find the truth hidden under the veil of reality. $7.33/minute
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    Clairvoyant~ Paul
    Greetings! Thank you for reaching out today. I am a 20+ year internationally top rated psychic. *Kasamba Certified: Tarot, Astrology, Dream Analysis & Palm Reading* $10.00/minute
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    Psychic Mystic Stephanie
    *SPECIAL RATE* Step into the Future & Find the Answers U Seek! Genuine Palm Reader, I can Prepare you for the Future by the vibration & lines in your Palm. $2.00/minute
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    Palm Readings. Offering one or two palm readings. chat with me now! $3.89/minute
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    *ACCURATE PSYCHIC* readings with honesty & compassion - EMAIL or LIVE CHAT. Professional Palm Reader. $10.00/minute
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    Mia psychic
    I am an expert in Palm readings. See what the lines in your palms have in store for you and your future. $2.50/minute
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    Sparks Of Insight
    I am blessed with a unique feature of palm reading. The nature and beauty of the lines on the palm is, they are unique and corresponds to your past, present and future. if you are looking for palmistry, then am the solution for it! $2.27/minute
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    Sofie Love
    **Your Destiny Is Already Writen On the Palm of Your Hands, Let Me Tell You What It Says**Fast Accurate Compassionate **Honest Answers** Predictions That Happen!!** $12.05/minute
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    Albert Valentine
    I have provided honest Palm and Psychic Readings love, finance, career and more since 1991. My goal is to empower you with knowledge and accuracy. $3.50/minute