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    Alan Jones
    NLP Trainer and Motivational Speaker working with individuals, businesses and schools. $1.00/minute
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    In each of us, the force of life maintaining us alive strives towards meaningful activities. Together, we can find ways to make it easier for you to set and reach your goals. $1.50/minute
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    Cice Rivera
    Motivational and Inspirational Coaching, Advice, and Guidance in life and coping skills for changing habitual patterns and behaviors. $1.00/minute
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    Melanee Carmella Packard
    We say that we 'want' to do this and we 'need' to do that, yet we can't seem to get up and do it! What's holding you back? It's time to start living to your REAL potential! $1.00/minute
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    Brison Scott
    Are you stuck and having trouble finding sources of motivation, or just wondering what the next step is? Do you struggle with self-esteem or establishing goals? Let's talk! $0.50/minute
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    Coach Lora
    Motivating you to beat your fears and succeed in all areas of your life!!! $1.13/minute
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    The Resilience Coach
    Bounce back from failure so you thrive not just survive! $1.04/minute
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    Wanda Williams, LCSW
    Non-judgmental, compassionate professional ready to listen and help! Change your life! We will work together to bring about the change that you so deeply desire and pave the w $0.85/minute
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    Diane Passage
    Life Coach
    Are you at a crossroads and not sure which way to go? I provide support & inspiration as you find courage to transition into an authentic lifestyle! $1.38/minute
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    Coach Suzanne Rose
    How can I assist you to create the life you desire? The tools and processes I utilize as a certified coach and energy healer will move you forward in whatever area you desire $1.38/minute

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