Career Coaching

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    Traveling Buffalo
    When it comes to job-hunting, I literally "wrote the book"! $0.50/minute
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    VJ Bhasker
    You are a Unique personality but your concerns may not be as unusual you may think they are. Get a professional help to identify the pain area and get a right path to self hea $1.50/minute
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    Internsover40 Career Guide
    I advise older(over 40) skilled workers who are experiencing challenging career transitions. Giving them guidance so that they may again discover their work purpose & passion. $1.50/minute
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    Want career counseling, I help individuals plan, refine and implement personal career goals... $1.50/minute
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    Chris Willis
    I went from soldering cables to consulting at CxO level to Fortune 500 Companies. Let me show you how to use your next role as a ladder to your dream career! $0.63/minute
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    Izabella Tabarovsky
    Work-Life Balance, Defining Your Life and Career Path, Work-Related Stress, Motivation and Inspiration, Energy Management for Optimal Performance $0.98/minute
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    Jerry Mattiaccio
    I have expertise in preparing candidates for hire with the US Government; Interview prep for govt positions; resolving and assisting Security Clearance issues $0.63/minute
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    The Headhunter
    4.5 years as manager of an Executive Search firm in the Pacific Northwest. Will share with you the tricks of the trade to help you get ahead of the pack! $0.50/minute
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    Personal Development $1.50/minute
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    Dee Dhillon
    Are you looking to find a job? Are you looking to recruit 1 person or a hundred and have no idea where to start your search? Then you have come to the right person to assist $0.50/minute

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