Fortune Telling

  •  4.68/5
    Rani The Psychic
    Your Honest n Caring Psychic Friend. Completed 6 yrs. on Kasamba with over 10k reviews. Sheer focus to help with straight & accurate readings. Love& Peace - Rani. $2.78/minute
  •  4.83/5
    True Love Connection
    Accurate prediction and honest insights and guidance to manifest success in your career, love, and every area of life, contact me to bring the best in you and know your hidden fortunes. $5.00/minute
  •  4.78/5
    expert detailed advice.stop wondering were your relationship is heading $12.00/minute
  •  4.73/5
    I have been empowering people with knowledge and insight and honest answers. Using my Psychic abilities has always been a rewarding path for me. I feel blessed to be able to share my gifts with you $3.00/minute
  •  4.76/5
    love Reuniter Souls
    I can help you know about what is coming in your future,I can tell you about your future based on your past and present. So, If you want to know what will be happening next $2.50/minute
  •  4.86/5
    Love Psychic Michael G
    YOUR FORTUNE explained with SPECIFIC DETAIL. Guiding light, emphatic energy, and amazing insights. Fast typist. $12.00/minute
  •  4.89/5
    Rekindle HopesHearts Amena
    Destiny reader.I Can Show u the Truth u so Desperately Need,I M TRULY A MASTER PSYCHIC WITH GENERATIONAL EXPERIENCE. My Readings are mind Blowing. $3.50/minute
  •  4.75/5
    Enigma Seer
    What does the future hold for you? I can connect with my spirits to tell your fortune in love area, money and career using tarot cards and psychic reading. Finding a true soulmate is more of blessings and very few people have the privilege to find there. W $1.00/minute
  •  4.81/5
    Extreme Psychic Mediums
    GOD gifted psychic with divine powers and ability to see the future $2.50/minute
  •  4.96/5
    Spiritual Advisor John
    "Wow every prediction he has made has come to pass and every time he made them I doubted what he was telling me he truly is an accurate psychic" $14.75/minute

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