Health & Medicine

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    Dr Sam
    I'm an eye doctor with a experience in eye disease and eye disorders. Do not hesitate to ask any questions about glasses, contact lenses or other medical concerns. $0.43/minute
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    Viv Gums, Perio disease
    I am a Registered Dental Hygienst with over 10 years of experience in the dental field. Dentists and hygienists are not that SCARY!!!! $0.50/minute
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    Lynn Beck
    I am a second level Reiki practitioner which means I heal at a distance as well as in person. My first session is free and may take around 30 minutes. $0.50/minute
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    Jackee Kaplan, CPC
    Medical Billing & Insurance $0.25/minute
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    EV RDA
    Understanding Dentistry- dentists by using easy to understand terminology. $0.25/minute
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    Board Certified Physician in the United States holding valid medical license in Massachusetts. $7.50/minute
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    Symptom Relief Coach
    Do You Have A Problem ... $1.00/minute
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    Dr. Mrunall kadam
    I am a Bachelor of Homoeopathic medicine and surgery (MUHS) with Diploma in scientific Acupuncture, Diploma in Beauty, aesthetics and Trichology. $1.50/minute
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    Karen E
    Healthcare, Eldercare, Lifecare Professional $0.85/minute
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    No matter how old you get or how much money you have earn; I bet you know you will be more aware $1.50/minute

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