Computers & Programming

  •  4.83/5
    I love to help and mentor in Computer Science field. My major expertise are in Networking, Database, Programming, Web Development and Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence $0.25/minute
  •  4.58/5
    IT-World Expert
    I can assist you and provide mentoring services for computer networks and systems administration, website and software development. IT Security and Management Consultation. $0.25/minute
  •  5/5
    JAVA, Visual Basic, Scheme, Python, C#, SQL. I have done a lot of object oriented programming in java. also countless programs in python. Scheme is a specialty $0.25/minute
  •  4.21/5
    java and .Net Guru
    I am basically a software engineer having 8 years of experience in the software development industry. $0.25/minute
  •  4.43/5
    I am a mentor and my field of expertise include computer engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and programming C, C++, Matlab and Java $0.50/minute
  •  0/5
    Wael Sayed
    .Net Developer
    I am providing expertise in Computers & Programming I can create different websites using, mvc by using c#, javascript, ajax, jquery, css3, bootstrap and html5 $0.25/minute
  •  4.8/5
    Mr. Rana
    I am a Computer Programmer. I can give you full support in C++, C#, Java, Asp.Net, MySQL, SQL Queries, ORACLE, Net Beans, Eclipse $0.25/minute
  •  5/5
    Software engineer and researcher with more than 8 years of professional experience is offering services in all fields related to computer science and programming $0.25/minute
  •  5/5
    Software developer with vast experience in PHP, HTML/CSS/AJAX, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT, JAVA, SQL, C++,Object-Oriented Analysis/Design. $0.25/minute
  •  5/5
    SB Solutions
    I can assist in C, C++, Java, Algorithms and Data Structures, DBMS, Object Oriented Analysis and Design etc. Satisfaction is assured... $0.25/minute