Education & Tutoring

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    I am here to provide you my best mentoring services in fields of Statistics, Economics and other quantitative subjects. I am professional and have in depth experience. $0.50/minute
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    Maaz Butt
    I am a qualified and experienced teacher and I am here to provide excellent services in the field of tutoring and mentoring. $0.25/minute
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    Expert_biochemist rabia
    A reliable expert who can provide guidance regarding biochemistry, english, biology, social science and so on. So, contact me for the best and credible services. $0.25/minute
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    Naveed Ehsan
    I am a professional teacher. I have more than 4 years of experience in the teaching field. Take all the challenges to solve the problems of relevant field as a passion. $0.28/minute
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    Content Mentor
    Friendly package in form of tutor and mentor is here to guide you in your educational subjects like Engineering mathematics, humanities, social sciences, Essay & blog writting $0.25/minute
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    Hajra Khan
    I have gained my tutoring experience from well reputed institutions. I have passed my O&A Levels with good grades. I am doing my bachelor's now. Good at helping with essay's. $1.00/minute
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    raama Mohammed
    Get tutoring services in the subjects of Mathematics, English, research and Finance at feasible price round the clock. $2.50/minute
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    amnah ajmal
    I am a teacher by profession. I have almost 5 years of teaching experience. I used to advise and guide students in their educational subjects like biology, chemistry, physics. $0.25/minute
  •  2/5
    Arif Zaffar
    Being an expert in homework tutoring i might provide my mentoring services in all subjects related to my field of expertise. $0.25/minute
  •  2.5/5
    Leading Educator
    I am offering dedicated tutoring services in all areas of Arts, Education, International Relations, English, Management and Business Studies $0.35/minute

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