• Hassan Sheikh
    Six years of demanding teaching experience in the field of finance and business studies at Master’s Level $0.25/minute
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  • Quick n Quality Mentor
    An experienced Mentor to provide guidance under Business cluster with full dedication and commitment. $0.25/minute
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  • Accountings Finance Expert
    Price as low as $1. Help in Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Finance, Financial Management, Marketing, HRM, Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Quickbooks, MYOB,Sage $0.25/minute
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  • Alisha Habib
    I provide tutoring and mentoring in business finance . In addition, the subjects that I specialize in are Management and Business Related. $0.45/minute
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  • Study Table 24 BY 7
    I am an experienced expert in "Business and Finance" Cluster. I am offering valuable services to clients through effective communication. $0.25/minute
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  • Hussain Tanveer
    A qualified expert to offer guidance, assistance & tutoring services under variety of Business and Finance subjects with full enthusiasm and passion $0.25/minute
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  • Shahzad Raheem
    If you have any issue in Financial accounting, Cost accounting, Finance, Risk Management, Marketing , Management, Audit, Business Mathematics, Excel, Access are in right place $0.25/minute
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  • Rashidmentor
    I can mentor in business & finance;Cost accounting, Finance, Advanced accounting, budgeting, personal finance and financial projections etc. $0.25/minute
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  • Unique Business Expert
    An experienced expert is here to provide guidance/assistance and tutoring services under the cluster of Business and Finance. $0.25/minute
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  • Business Finance Mentor
    A professional turned mentor with proven competencies, to provide on-line advice and consulting under Business and Finance cluster. $0.25/minute
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  • Al-Rabia-Basri
    You can contact me to get my mentoring and tutoring assistance in all areas of education that includes English literature, History, Humanities, Business and many more $0.25/minute
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  • Study Master 24 By 7
    Marketing & strategic Mentor: All areas of Marketing from Brand & Strategic to Web & Direct Mail. Contact me with any questions! $0.25/minute
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  • Grand Master
    I can keenly understand and satisfy client requirements in "Business and Finance" area because of my knowledge, experience, effective communication and professional commitment $0.25/minute
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  • Sadia Mentor
    I provide excellent services in the subject of business & Finance, HRM, Management, Accounting and Marketing etc... $0.25/minute
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  • Finance Business Mentor
    A committed, trustful and professional expert to assist you in all areas of Finance, Accounting, Business management, Economics $0.25/minute
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  • Business Research
    A polished expert with sufficient knowledge in the area of Finance is here to mentor. I can teach you up to the standards of market. Everything related to Finance and Research $1.00/minute
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  • MTB Expert
    Reliable and committed facilitation and mentoring services in business subjects with focus on providing authentic and latest input on fundamental aspects $0.33/minute
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  • Biz and IT Management
    Shabbir Hussain
    I have MBA in Business & Finance and 7 years's experience to deliver support to individuals and organizations in all areas of Business & Finance $0.50/minute
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  • Expert Madhu
    24X7 Online Consulting and Mentoring in All Major Areas of Business, Finance and Management @ Affordable Pricing | Experienced and Qualified Expert | $1.25/minute
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