Clairvoyant/ Empath/ Intuitive~ Allow me to help you to discover the meaning of your dreams~Over 20+ years experience /READ REVIEWS $16.99/minute
  • Sonia Divine Messages
    Empowering Channel Predictions that Happen! Time Frame;Know his/her Thoughts, Feelings and Intentions. Allow me to help Heal,Guide and provide Clarity NOW! $21.99/minute
  • DanitaWindSong
    Confused? Needing Clarity? * Honest & Accurate * 5 Star Reader * SoulMate & Twin Flame Reader * The Best * $11.99/minute
  • Psychic Mark Wright
    All predictions came to pass in a 48 hour period. I slept with an ease I hadn't in weeks. Thank you Mark! $12.90/minute
    Let me unfold the mysteries & secrets of your DREAMS and let you know the story behind them...... $9.99/minute
  • Love Readings by Jeenifer
    Find hidden meaning to your dreams,i am here to guide you in all the areas of your love life. $3.99/minute
  • Spiritual Advisor John
    *"ACCURATE, PROFESSIONAL & COMPLETELY HONEST"* Clear answers & guidance so you can make the correct choice! Honest & accurate insights: GOOD or BAD! $17.60/minute
  • Ask Cristina
    What do your dreams mean? Chat with me to uncover the secrets of your dreams! $6.99/minute
  • Spiritual Spirit Mariya
    Wondering about your dreams, having questions on your issues and want to know what is stored for you in future and how things will move further. $2.99/minute
  • Psychic Emily Rose
    Dreams are quite often messages to the soul , full of signficant symbols designed to guide and enlighten out paths $9.95/minute
  • Psychic Evangeline
    Want to know about your dream and does it have any meaning, I am here to interpret your dream and analyze and let you know reasons for you to get such dreams. $3.99/minute
  • Love Psychic Nathalye
    7th Generation Spell Casting Expert can heal & remove with my abilities. Reunites love and offer attraction spells. Contact me now $15.70/minute
  • Magical Oracle
    *PREDICTIONS THAT HAPPEN* Read My REVIEWS! 10,000+ Miraculous Success stories by real clients. A Master Manifester.Bold Specific & Detailed. $24.99/minute
  • Sid PowerfulVisions
    I will provide spiritual counseling to people. I will analyze there dream what they get and guide them to fulfill it. $9.99/minute
  • Insights by Mukesh
    Sometimes Dreams can Indicate us happenings of future and they make us aware of good and bad events of life,to analyse them and take proper precautions come to me. $1.99/minute
  • Ezekiel
    *Your Last Stop for Clarity* I offer caring answers and advice on how to clear life's hurdles and move forward into your best future. $5.99/minute
  • Proficient psychic
    Natural born psychic, allow me to connect with your Soul Guides to analyze and interpret your dreams. $1.99/minute
  • Zella Tarot
    Dreams reveal important messages. Discover what your sub-conscious is trying to tell you. No generic text book meanings. $6.99/minute
    Do you know why do you get dreams? What is the meaning of the dreams you get? how dream effects your life? if you want the answers to these questions then come to me. I will help you with all the answers and effects of dreams on your life... $1.99/minute
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