• Tarot Master Mika
    I am offering a reduced rate for first time clients. I offer a reduced rate on every sixth reading. Ask about specials! $4.99/minute
  • Spiritual Spirit Reuniter
    Expert in kabbalah. Spiritual spirit help & guide you resolves all your problems with understanding situations of your love-life using her spiritual power's. $19.99/minute
  • Mystic Knight
    I have a very strong understanding of what it means to receive Hebrew tradition and I can help you to have the same understanding, with a little time and an open emotion, I will bring you to the view you need. $2.99/minute
  • Albert Valentine
    Kabbalah and more from kabbalah centre and bnei baruch. Psychic readings too. $5.99/minute
  • Extreme Psychic Mediums
    Stress & Anger Management Reduce your stress and anger using Kabbalah way . $5.99/minute
  • Mystical Love Knight
    to provide readings that will change your life..facing crafted negativity spell casting issues allow me to heal & remove that negativity with my abilities. reunites the partners with positive spell healing contact me now. $3.99/minute
    Expert in Kabbalah - I cam tell you how to transform your life to positive & evil eye protection. $2.99/minute
  • love Reuniter Souls
    Kabbalah is a very powerful spirit that can change your life.  I can show you exactly where you are and where your going, any obstacles and what is ahead.  Allow me to help $1.99/minute
  • Vanilla
    I always try to guide wise and right direction for mature decisions through Kabbalah readings . $1.99/minute
  • Psychic Reader And Healer
    I can heal you in love, finances to allow positive change in your life right now. $12.99/minute
  • Truth and Light
    I can help you get the explanation on the complexities of the material and the non-material universe, as well as the physical and metaphysical nature of all humanity. $18.61/minute
  • Master Advisor Matthew
    When You Just Need To Know....I'm Here.....Let Me Help Bring You Peace Of Mind.... $19.99/minute
  • Mystical Moon Goddess
    Expert in Kabbalah Tarot Readings. I can show you exacty where you are and where your going, any obstacles and what is ahead. Receive a FREE TAROT KABBALAH MEDITATION CARD AFTER EACH READING!!!! $7.13/minute
  • Love Psychic Indi
    a famous kabbalah advisor $2.99/minute
  • Psychic Tarot Andrew
    Train at the International Kabbalah center with Rabbi Abraham Hardoon and Yitzak Frieden $12.99/minute
  • Powerful Energies
  • True Love Insights
    true love insights
    Want peace and happiness in your life? I have many years of experience in Kabbalah through which I can resolve all problems relating to your life. $1.99/minute
  • tarot
    Deep Kabbalah traditions help me to understand a person’s life problems and what can be done to bring happiness back into their life. $1.99/minute
  • world famous expert one
    Using only my natural abilities I use the Kabbalah to give accurate psychic readings to help you obtain and better and happier life. Finical, love, relationships, and many other areas. $1.99/minute
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