• Powerful Visions
    The Utmost Connection, Infinite Wisdom & Knowledge $18.61/minute
  • Golden Eye
    I give correct readings. I am expert in psychic readings, tarot readings, numerology and love relationship advice. $19.99/minute
  • Love Stefans Psychic Soul
    Please allow me to look into your potential love life or current relationship. I shall look deep into there souls and give you all the answers you need for peace of mind.. $9.99/minute
    ASTOUNDING Accuracy~Clairvoyant/ Empath/Intuitive. Know his/her Thoughts , Feelings and Intentions Now . Experienced . Detailed . Timeframes $16.99/minute
  • Intuitive Counselor
    Caring, Empowering Empathic, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Support for all matters of the heart! I tell what I see, feel and hear! $3.99/minute
    I inherit psychic abilities from my family. I can help you resolve your situation with my spiritual guidance. You'll find me a compassionate and empathetic lady with great natural insight and intuition into peoples lives and problems. $6.99/minute
  • advisor by jenny
    Jenny can provide you detailed insight about your love life and help you to reconnect with your love and answer your all love and career questions. $9.78/minute
  • Sonia Divine Messages
    Empowering Channel - Predictions that Happen! Astounding Time Frame; Know his/her Thoughts, Feelings and Intentions. Allow me to help Heal, Guide and provide Clarity NOW! $21.50/minute
  • David James Psychic Wisdom
    One of the highest rated psychic advisors on Kasamba. Over 30,000 reviews. I can help you traverse the twisted path of fate. You are not alone. $4.99/minute
  • BreeZy
    Is it Oh Yes? Or Oh No. Are you left confused as to their Real feelings? Compassionate and Wise Insights. **Adults Only** $8.99/minute
    I pick the opportunities in your future and make things better for you,I will tell you the True intentions of your Love,Connection before Hiring $18.61/minute
  • Quietsound
    I can help you unscramble the confusion in your life or someone else's. Lost loves, relationships, all life matters. $6.99/minute
  • Immense love
    I specialize in relationships; I have always focused my energy on guiding people and helping them find their true happiness in life $6.99/minute
  • Mrs Donna
    Compassionate, honest German Psychic Reader! Expert in love/ relationships! $8.99/minute
  • Love Psychic Investigator
    SPIRITUAL LOVE CONNECTION that has you feeling lost? I Have Guided Over 6000 Couples To Their Destiny, allow me to help you!! $16.99/minute
  • Diana Shoshone
    Does he/she love me? Using my psychic abilities we can find the answers to your love, relationship questions. Lets open the doors to the Love, romance, relationships you deserve $8.99/minute
  • Intuitive Advisor
    Detailed & Honest readings and advice in matters of love, relationships, dating. Fast typist, intuitive-psychic readings. Get in touch to know your future! $18.99/minute
  • PsychicHermes
    In celebration of crossing the *10,000* ratings mark, brand new video has been added! Come in to watch & chat now! $3.99/minute
  • Spiritual Spirit Reuniter
    I can assist you with clarity,current situation in your relationship,your partners intentions feelings towards you & thoughts taking your relationship,Career Soul-mate in every aspect. $3.99/minute
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