• Psychic Reader And Healer
    Im a Top Ranked Love Psychic on Kasamba with over 18,000 Reviews from Clients. I show what Your Partner Is thinking right now and actions they take. $12.99/minute
    Incredibly lovingly, caring and powerful! Capable of making it happen. Don't waste another minute $7.99/minute
    ASTOUNDING Accuracy~Clairvoyant/ Empath/Intuitive. Know his/her Thoughts , Feelings and Intentions Now . Experienced . Detailed . Timeframes $16.99/minute
  • Love Stefans Psychic Soul
    Please allow me to look into your potential love life or current relationship. I shall look deep into there souls and give you all the answers you need for peace of mind.. $6.99/minute
  • Intuitive Counselor
    Caring, Empowering Empathic, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Support for all matters of the heart! I tell what I see, feel and hear! $3.99/minute
  • Spirit Speaks
    Gifted Channel and Psychic, Clairaudient & Clairvoyant & can help you find the good in most situations. give you the insight you are seeking about love, relationships and mo $15.00/minute
  • Fruno
    I am Fruno a New Orleans Mystic, An Expert since 2002 on Kasamba. Welcome into my world of Love & Relationships; come Experience the Difference and Embrace the Abilities I offer. $5.99/minute
  • Ambers Light
    Hello!! I am a Caring, Empowering Empathic, Your FEELINGS are SAFE with me. I tell what I see, feel and hear! *Spring special rate!* $5.99/minute
  • Quietsound
    Will you get back with your ex? I know! I find out what others think &feel about you. 2014 predictions are in!! Astounding $6.99/minute
    Help me rediscover the true passion and life for you. Enjoy the blessed moments in your life and cherish your love. $6.99/minute
  • BreeZy
    Love to talk to Breezy. Eased my mind as always. Words cannot explain how good Breezy is! Choose A Wise Woman For Guidance; ►Adults Only!◄ $9.99/minute
  • Accurate Love Readings
    help in love life? need guidance? want to know the outcome of your relationship?~no sugarcoating~no false promises~fast typer~ $2.99/minute
  • advisor Rainbow
    Are you confuse and struck in love life, relationship, friendship, and don’t know where you stand and when to move? Let me help you to know the reason and the solution with my $4.99/minute
  • Intuitive Advisor
    Detailed & Honest readings and advice in matters of love, relationships, dating. Fast typist, intuitive-psychic readings. Get in touch to know your future! $28.99/minute
  • Psychic Mark Wright
    Highly experienced love and relationship psychic reader and clairvoyant. Confident, clear Psychic reader and Healer. The client said in the review - " I slept with an ease I hadn't in weeks. Thank you Mark "Mark!All predictions came to pass in a 48 hour pe $12.90/minute
  • Chrisalis
    Grab a coffee and let's chat! Love and Relationship Specialist - Good Listener. Quick connection. Look forward to meeting you. $8.99/minute
  • True Love Connection
    True Love Connection - Soul mate Analysis. Blueprint of your relationship with Professional Advice! $6.99/minute
  • Ann Lesley
    Professional 44 years quality guided timing remove blocks compassionate empowers reading confidential in Present Future. $12.50/minute
    TIRED of FALSE PROMISES? Ready to hear the TRUTH! Is it time to MOVE ON or HOLD ON? LOVE and RELATIONSHIP GUIDE. $24.95/minute
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