• Robert Betancourt
    MA, Professional Counseling,Therapist
    Emotional Healing-25+ years experience in helping people find solutions that work. "one of the best therapists here" $1.25/minute
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  • Rafael Morales Toia
    Trust, openness, honesty, gentleness and mutual support are essential requirements for a relationship not just to be viable but for it to create and promote real fulfillment. $1.38/minute
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  • Iain A. Morrison
    MA Psych Cert Ed.
    When we realise our partner is cheating, we are thrown into anguish; walk away or fight for love? I’ll help you make the right choice then sustain you. $1.00/minute
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  • Andrea McCrary
    LMHC, MS, MEd
    Has your partner admitted to infidelity, but you do not know how you will ever forgive him/her? Is your partner cheating right now? There are ways to cope. $1.25/minute
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  • Rafael Richman
    Trying to cope with your partners or your own infidelity? Wondering what to do? Confused and need clarity? I can help you. $1.43/minute
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  • Carol Cohen
    Coping with infidelity is very painful. As a practicing licensed psychotherapist, I can teach you ways to cope and help empower you to work through this issue. $1.75/minute
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  • Milton Mankoff
    Ph.D.; LMSW
    Infidelity is not a one-size fits all phenomenon. If your partner is engaging in sex with someone else or you are, that fact alone is not sufficient to explain it's meaning. $1.38/minute
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  • Ken Fields
    When trust is broken, it is hard to forgive…but, you can learn ways to cope with this event in your life and maybe even find a strength you didn’t know you had. Let’s talk. $1.38/minute
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  • Mary Lee Palmer
    I have expertise in the field of Relationships with a sub-specialty of Affairs within Relationships. $1.48/minute
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  • Arundhati Dutta
    MSW (NYU)
    Are you struggling with a partner's infidelity? Speak now to a top rated therapist to gain insight & clarity and come up with solutions for a way forward! $1.50/minute
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  • Miriam Landau
    Are you dealing with infidelity - or do you suspect it? I'm very experienced, understanding & EASY to talk to. Contact me. I'll help you. $1.38/minute
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  • Ryan Kappel
    Are you struggling because your partner cheating on you? Do you need help figuring out how to handle it? Let's sort it out. $2.50/minute
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  • Barbara Freedman
    Mental Health Worker
    Infidelity brings up many painful feelings; the dissolution of security and trust, along with the loss of the hopes and dreams associated with ones partner. $1.27/minute
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  • Melissa Bridges
    Ph.D., LMFT
    Are you experiencing a betrayal in your relationship ? Are you confused about what your future looks like? I am an open minded, non-judgmental therapist here to help! $1.49/minute
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  • Moushumi Ghose
    MA, MFT
    Coping with a spouse's infidelity is one of life's most stressful events. $2.10/minute
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  • Lori Burke
    Expert therapist in the field of relationships and infidelity issues, who will assist you in learning ways to overcome trust issues and increase happiness! $2.50/minute
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  • Patricia Corlew
    Affairs do not have to be the end of a Marriage or Relationship. I have the Expertise and Experience you are needing at this difficult time. $1.13/minute
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  • Robert Ambrose
    LMHC - MS, NCC
    There is nothing worse than not being able to trust your partner. If you feel or know that your partner is not being faithful, I can help you sort out what to do. $1.13/minute
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  • Lavinia Albescu, Psych
    Learn to cope with betrayal in a relationship, to overcome the resentment and move on. Psychotherapist, Clinical Psychologist, Support and Guidance $0.90/minute
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