• Cynthia Carter
    Not managing your time effectively can make your entire life feel out of balance. Let me help you learn new ways to manage your valuable time. $2.49/minute
  • Patricia Bey MS
    Certified Counselor
    Learning Time Management is an integral part of a balanced life. I am here to help you achieve this balance. $2.25/minute
  • Tracy Ann
    Excellent time management skills will be put to work in our journey together. I have over 30 years of experience. Let me help you! $2.50/minute
  • Barbara Freedman
    Mental Health Worker
    I facilitate Stress Management workshops, one of which is entirely centered on Organization and Time Management Skills. $2.54/minute
  • Kathleen Finnegan
    MA LPC
    Licensed Professional Counselor and Therapist. Over 25yrs working with adults, families and children. 8yrs online. Fast typist. Empathic insight. $3.00/minute
  • Drifa Ulfarsdottir
    Overwhelmed? Feeling stressed? Need help balancing it all? Learn to manage your time more effectively so that you can enjoy life, achieve your goals and have more down time. $3.97/minute
  • BodyOptimum Life Potential
    You can find the time management skills you need to maximize each day. It is easy once you know how. Obtain the tips and ideas you need to get started right now. $1.99/minute
  • KJ Coaching-Tutorship
    Everyone is special its just about figuring out because dreams are meant to be achieved. You can definitely have a successful and happy life. $2.00/minute
  • Carsten Werner
    Some people just have a sense for time, where others don't. The ability to manage your time, comes from structured thinking and anticipating the path in front of you. $1.49/minute
  • Life Coach Jennifer Bell
    I find that the reason many people feel unproductive and overwhelmed is because of how they handle their use of time. Learn how to prioritize, organize and simplify your life. $0.90/minute
  • Marla Golde, MA, EdM, CPC
    Time Management Coach, here to help you structure your life in a way that makes you feel happy and free! $1.99/minute
  • The Success4Living Coach
    Need more time? Let me help you reach your goal. $0.97/minute
  • Drew Murley
    Time is a constant and can not be managed. The great news is I can show you how to manage you better, which in turn will enable you to have more time than you ever thought pos $1.65/minute
  • Sheri D
    Life Coach
    I am here to offer a non-judgmental way for you to solve your own problems and issues. I don't solve your problems for you, but help you to solve them yourself. $0.99/minute
  • Stephanie Austin
    I have a great deal of experience in working with many individuals to help them achieve their full potential and I love what I do. I am very proud of the positive impact I have $1.00/minute
  • Giovi
    Get more out of your day! $1.97/minute
  • Clarke Jones
    If you are having trouble in your career, with your coworkers, or in your personal life - you have come to the right place! $1.75/minute