• Rafael Morales
    As long as it is about human beings, it is about feelings and emotions, and they are what make our life appear as meaningful and fulfilling or not. I am here to support you! $2.75/minute
  • Milton Mankoff
    Ph.D.; LMSW
    I can be of most help with feelings of depression or anxiety using cognitive and behavioral therapy techniques, but I have had experience treating many other problems as well. $2.75/minute
  • Rafael Richman
    Do you feel trapped in ongoing, unhealthy cycles? Having trouble functioning day to day? Long to feel better emotionally and about yourself? I can help you. $2.85/minute
  • Carol Cohen
    I am a licensed psychotherapist for 25 years. I am caring, empathic, sensitive and can help you with depression, anxiety, anger, phobias and most emotional problems. $3.49/minute
  • Mary Lee Palmer
    Licensed Professional counselor since 1987. Inpatient and Private Practice. Allow me to work with you to feel better and more confident. $2.95/minute
  • Iain A. Morrison
    MA Psych Cert Ed.
    “I have been diagnosed with …. therefore I can’t ….” Together we quit this disabling over medicalised cant and empower you to cope using CBT. $2.00/minute
  • Ken Fields
    Personality and emotional disorders can make one's life a challenge, to put it mildly. Professional support and guidance can be very helpful - in some cases strongly needed. $2.75/minute
  • Miriam Landau
    I'll help you! 30+ yrs experience. Integrative, Mind-Body approach to mental health & wellness. I'm realistic, compassionate & easy to talk to! $2.75/minute
  • Andrea McCrary
    LMHC, MS, MEd
    Do you know or think you might have an emotional disorder that is negatively affecting your life? I have worked extensively with all emotional and personality disorders. $2.49/minute
  • Ryan Kappel
    Are you depressed, anxious, or suffering from something that seems serious? Have you been diagnosed, or think you could be? Let's talk about your situation and how I can help. $4.99/minute
  • Barbara Freedman
    Mental Health Worker
    As someone with a solid knowledge of personality & emo. disorders, I am able to offer clients an understanding of what can be done to make these difficulties less pervasive. $2.54/minute
  • Arundhati Dutta
    MSW (NYU)
    Restless? Unhappy? Tired? Confused? Feel like you're not performing at the level you should? Let me help you address your issues in a solution focused way within minutes! $1.99/minute
  • Leslie M. Jones
    Experienced licensed and certified counselor eager to help you define what a better life could be like and take the steps to get there! $1.95/minute
  • Lavinia Albescu, Psych
    I am here to guide you in using your personal strengths to develop a positive attitude and stop feeling hopeless. Psychotherapist, Clinical Psychologist. $1.79/minute
  • Robert Ambrose
    LMHC - MS, NCC
    Do not allow emotional disorders to rule your life. Empower yourself through my therapeutic approach to enable the positive you to take control. $2.25/minute
  • Lynaire McGovern
    I want to motivate you to achieve your goals. Let me be your sounding board and coach so you can live the life of your dreams. $1.65/minute
  • Tammi Rider
    Most everyone will experience some kind of emotional and/or mental issues at some point in their lifetime. The key is to work through the issues before they get too big. $2.28/minute
  • Jenny Wood
    Licensed Professional Counselor
    Licensed Counselor with years of experience treating personality disorders. $2.09/minute