• Rafael Morales
    Life is about attachment to people, feelings, hopes, beliefs and behaviors, things and sensations. What makes an attachment become an addiction is a matter of degree and... $2.75/minute
  • Carol Cohen
    Any kind of addiction can upset your entire life. I can help you overcome your addiction and find inner peace. $3.49/minute
  • Milton Mankoff
    Ph.D.; LMSW
    I can help you with addiction to substances and other behaviors that you indulge in which create problems for you in your relationships and work life (e,g., porn, gambling). $2.75/minute
  • Robert Betancourt
    MA, Professional Counseling,Therapist
    Emotional Healing-25+ years experience in helping people find solutions that work. "one of the best therapists here" $2.49/minute
  • Rafael Richman
    Do you feel caught & trapped in the same unhealthy, "addictive" patterns that repeat over & over? Have your attempts to break the behaviors failed? I can help you. $2.85/minute
  • Andrea McCrary
    LMHC, MS, MEd
    Are you trying to get past an addiction and do not know the steps to take? Put my years of experience to work for you. $2.49/minute
  • Mary Lee Palmer
    Addiction is a treatable disease. Those close to us often forget that at some point, addictive behavior ceases to be a choice, and that it IS a disease $2.95/minute
  • Barbara Freedman
    Mental Health Worker
    Additions, a means of avoiding real issues can only be fully overcome by replacing them with more effective coping strategies. $2.54/minute
  • Leslie M. Jones
    Experienced licensed and certified counselor eager to help you define what a better life could be like and find and take the steps to get there! $1.95/minute
  • Moushumi Ghose
    MA, MFT
    Sometimes too much of a good thing can turn into an addiction. I specialize in Sex Addictions, but can help you address any addiction you feel you may have. $2.99/minute
  • Corinne Laird
    Seven years direct experience treating addictions and other compulsive behaviors. Judgment free, supportive therapy! $2.29/minute
  • Lynaire McGovern
    I want to motivate you to achieve your goals. Let me be your sounding board and coach so you can live the life of your dreams. $1.65/minute
  • Lori Burke
    Exhausted of dealing with addiction? Anything is achievable when you have had enough. Strength-based, realistic and supportive. Call now! $3.39/minute
  • Tammi Rider
    Any addiction is simply a attempt to cope with pain that also brings negative consequences into our lives. Recovery is about finding positive ways to cope. $2.28/minute
  • Jenny Wood
    Licensed Professional Counselor
    As a licensed therapist I have years of experience helping individuals fight through the beast that keeps them trapped. $2.09/minute
  • David A. Ben-Gershon
    Social Worker and Mediator
    I can help you and your loved ones in all aspects of reclaiming yourselves from your addictions! $1.60/minute
  • Shirley Katz
    Ph.D., CCC, RP
    My doctorate in Counselling and expertise in breaking the cycle of addiction will help you with your struggle (comulsive eating, gambling, alcohol or drugs.) $2.50/minute
  • PE Sarah
    whats up i can help figure out ways to fix and arrange things in a clever manner. Ive lived in small places and had to make all the necessities fit in my shoebox apartment hel $1.99/minute
  • Karen F Armstrong
    Talk to me about your addiction, I am supportive, non judgmental and here to help you explore options on treatment and recovery for a better life $1.29/minute