• Truth and Light
    I can give you clear outcomes & help you understand the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies and their supposed influence on human affairs and answer your qs $18.61/minute
  • Powerful Visions
    Astrology and Psychic with the power to heal and predict the future in love, life and health. $18.61/minute
  • Love Specialist Isabelle
    Psychic reading and Astrology. ~*~ Spiritual healer, natural psychic, no mumbo jumbo, just clear answers and guidance $21.50/minute
  • Golden Eye
    I can give deep analysis of your astrological signs and give you details of charts by the Vedic and Chinese Horoscopes $9.99/minute
    .Miracles can happen! Nothing is impossible if only believe. Very talented Reader and Psychic Seer. Free Spell with every paid session. What do the stars $7.99/minute
  • Psychic Safina
    An Astrology Reading will show you the evolution of your life path and where you’re headed with a timing related to new opportunities, seeking your independence, a slow-down phase, or a chaotic, unexpected change. $5.99/minute
  • Best Psychic Readings
    Vedic astrology gives importance to the date and time of birth of a person to calculate about the important events in his life. Western astrology on the other hand focuses only on the date of birth and not the time without affecting the predictions accurac $5.99/minute
  • Melodie
    What do you want to know about your love life? Intuitive Insights into Your Relationships! Honest, Ethical, Empowering. $7.99/minute
  • Master Advisor Matthew
    When You Just Need To Know....I'm Here.....Let Me Help Bring You Peace Of Mind.... $19.99/minute
  • Love Psychic Indi
    Astrology, horary readings,10K+ reviews, Do you have questions - love, relationship, marriage, money, career let’s see what the future hold $2.99/minute
  • Zara Insights
    Looking for astrology reading, will be happy to help you to know what your sign have to say about your situation and how things will move this year for you. $3.99/minute
    All your unanswered questions,let me answer them and let you know what astrology has in store for you.My experience in ASTROLOGY can work wonders in your life...... $3.99/minute
  • True Love Connection
    Detailed Astrological Predictions about your love, life and career. Spiritual Healer and Clairvoyant psychic. $6.99/minute
    Astrology TIRED of FALSE PROMISES? Ready to hear the TRUTH! Is it time to MOVE ON or HOLD ON? LOVE and RELATIONSHIP GUIDE. $24.95/minute
  • Love Readings By Sarah
    Astrology helps you to have a the clear picture for the Future in the areas of Love Life , Career Choices and Personal Issues. I am here you to connect with your StarZ ..... $3.99/minute
  • Spiritual Spirit Mariya
    Are you looking for astrology reading, I can read about your future in love life, career, health and general reading? Provide me your names and get detailed insight. $2.99/minute
  • Honest Psychic Ozark Seer
    Tarot certifications online
    HONEST answers await you Security of knowing at your fingertips. Certified Expert. Let me help~ $6.99/minute
    Call to find out what the stars say about you through my psychic astrology!!Do You Want To Know The Truth???? Stop Wondering And Start Knowing. $3.99/minute
  • Extreme Psychic Mediums
    Make 2015 your best year ever with the help of this extremely powerful forecast.Get started with a New Spiritual Reading and free sample Updates with every sess $9.99/minute
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