• Truth and Light
    Religion - I would like to help you reach the truth and resolve your problems with care $18.61/minute
  • Powerful Voice JIA
    I offer spiritual intuitive readings to give you guidance about any topic of your life and religion. Come with me to search the hidden Truth. $5.99/minute
    I can give you readings and spiritual treatment based on your religion $2.99/minute
  • Powerful Energies
    I will help you to know more about religions. As religion plays an important role in one's life. Please contact me for help. $1.99/minute
  • GuideDeenia
    Welcome Dear Soul. I specialize in Christianity. Allow me to provide you with guidance and insights into placing your hand in Jesus as you walk your path. $1.99/minute
  • Reunite Lovers
    Religion, I have the ability to give you clear and true reading according to your situation and in every aspect of your life. $1.99/minute
    true love insights
    Have question about religion and want to know truth behind the religion. Let me help you as religion important role and one have should have knowledge and belief on the religion you want to follow. $1.99/minute
  • Fruno
    I am fruno a New Orleans Mystic and welcome you into my world; come Experience the Difference and Embrace the Abilities I offer. An Expert since 2002. $5.99/minute
    HONEST.detailed spiritual.readings relationship expert heart to heart healing sessions .know what your partners thinking and feeling now .no sugar coating $9.99/minute
  • Psychic Maestro
    Gain insight into your deeper self with the help of my special abilities to look beyond.Amazing readings delivered with honesty and compassion $2.99/minute
  • Mystic Knight
    I am a fifth generation God-gifted master psychic. I have helped countless people find their destiny, I am here to do the same for you.No sugar coating $3.99/minute
  • Mystical Love Knight
    If you have any questions regarding any Religion please don't hesitate and contact me. I will answer all your question in detail $4.99/minute
    Will shower light on your situation to help you understand the situation in your relationship and will guide you the way to resolve these situations $2.99/minute
  • sherrytaylor
    I offer spiritual intuitive readings to give you guidance about any topic of your life. I am a true god gifted reader. Will give you the answers , direction and understanding you need !!! $5.99/minute
  • Ezekiel
    *Your Last Stop for Clarity* I offer caring answers and advice on how to clear life's hurdles and move forward into your best future. $6.99/minute
  • Newlight Angel
    Faith counselor, teacher, mentor, programming the power of manifestation. $6.99/minute
  • Rune
    Intuitive Reader
    Intuitive, Spiritual Reader. My Authentic and Experienced Readings can bring you Detailed Insight and help you find balance and understanding. $3.27/minute
  • Laurie A.
    Are you confused or hurt by a spiritual path, community, or teacher? Receive clarity and support with understanding. $9.99/minute
  • Ms Carine
    ** NEW on Kasamba ** Do you have questions about spiritually? Is there a missing link for you between spirit and religion? Learn how to tap into what is really calling you or get some insight into why someone else is drawn to a religion. How do you label G $7.99/minute