• Love Psychic Indi
    Use Occult tools for your sprits, soul, ghosts**spell caster** $4.99/minute
  • Dancing Voice
    Looking for the best Spell Works? Dont pay $$ for Spells that do not work. Contact me to discuss any situation that needs changing. $12.49/minute
  • David James Psychic Wisdom
    Highly Gifted Scottish Psychic Reader and Spirtual Advisor. Almost 30,000 reviews, here to help you find your path in life. special reduced session fee for limited time only. $4.99/minute
    TIRED OF FALSE PROMISES? Hear the TRUTH from a compassionate heart. SPECIALIZING in LOVE and RELATIONSHIP ADVICE. Is it time for you to MOVE ON OR HOLD ON? $24.95/minute
  • Spiritual Spirit Reuniter
    occult is strongly helpful in soul bondings,renuite love,the person u love his/her,help to understand u & ur feelings.helpful in business,finances as well $3.99/minute
  • Lidia LaDelle
    Spells that work that you can do from home with easy to find ingredients. $12.00/minute
  • Ask Cristina
    HONEST psychic reading with OUTSTANDING accuracy! Love/relationship/career SPIRITUAL SOLUTIONS. Be prepared for the truth! $6.99/minute
  • Psychic Emily Rose
    A serious practice that takes almost a lifetime to understand, let alone master. I have reached a certain level of being on the subject. $9.95/minute
  • Mystic Knight
    The occult is very misunderstood. What many don't know is that it's a form a naturalism, please allow me to help you reach your natural spiritual level. $2.99/minute
  • Spiritual Spirit Mariya
    Want to know if there is any kind of spiritual powers around you or your partner, I can heal your bad energies and remove bad obstacles. Contact me to get detailed and honest insight. $3.99/minute
  • Love Psychic Nathalye
    I can help in Occult and see what is hidden and reach you with truth. I have satisfied clients from every corner of globe. Contact me now for assistance $9.99/minute
  • LightHelp
    Caring yet direct psychic insight into love, relationships and more. Helpful and non judgmental. Fast answers! $8.99/minute
  • Andi
    Naturally gifted and professionally trained! Get EXTREMELY detailed answers about love, career, and more! Predictions and time frames that happen! $3.99/minute
    "Wonderful reading very impressed, fast and intuitive" Accurate, professional psychic reader - live chat and email. $14.99/minute
  • Albert Valentine
    I have provided honest readings on love, finance, career and more since 1991. My goal is to empower you with guidance and knowledge on your future and make best use of your present. $5.99/minute
  • Powerful Energies
    let me solve your problems of your love, money, career , health life through the occult. $4.99/minute
  • Eva Soul Reader
    I have experienced Occult for many years and I use tools to radiate to spell in love, marriage, career, health and more with my natural abilities. $3.99/minute
  • Vibrant Spirit
    Life is full of ups and downs and darkness...Let me help you through Occult to overcome these dark forces that surround you and have a true understanding of your positive life. $1.99/minute
  • Love Specialist Isabelle
    Psychic reading. ~*~ Spiritual healer, natural psychic, no mumbo jumbo, just clear answers and guidance $21.50/minute
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