• Shaam
    I am reliable creative tutor in design and creative field.contact me for excellent assistance. $0.25/minute
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  • Enggvicky
    I can provide guidelines to students seeking help in works of art , reviewing movies ,banners and logos ,animations ,photos and templates .Be assured of the best possible mentorship $0.25/minute
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  • Academic Professional
    I am a professional designer, contact me for graphics, multimedia, animations, presentations, newsletter, photography, Photoshop, logos and other creative services. $0.25/minute
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  • staunch
    I can mentor you in Design & Creative Services at any time with affordable cost. $0.25/minute
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  • WhiteLotus
    I can mentor in bringing innovation in web designing, media communication, graphic designing, animation and writing guidance. $0.25/minute
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  • Usama Islam
    I can help you in Logo Designing, Graphic Designing, Animations, Photo Editing etc $0.50/minute
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  • The Mentor
    I can teach and mentor regarding critiques for art works, movie reviews, Script writing , website designing. $0.25/minute
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  • TrueBlue
    I can mentor you in Design & Creative Sciences, OpenGl, Writings of any type and many more in a totally professional way $0.25/minute
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  • Irfan
    Writing and Creative services expert with 6+ years of experience. $0.25/minute
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  • Simple-Accurate-Mentoring
    Excellent computer skills, HTML, CSS, Web development . C/C++ , NETWORKING, PHP/MySQL, css, presentations, analysis, Mentoring and tutoring Computer problems, $0.25/minute
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  • V Mentor
    To help you with your needs in design and creative services in an excellent manner at a very reasonable price. $0.50/minute
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  • the1
    Contact me to learn making foamic sheet flowers and other DIY projects at home $0.25/minute
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  • LiveHelp 24 x 7
    I can provide creative solutions regarding website development, graphic designing, poster making and art work analysis. $0.25/minute
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  • TNT4Services
    Virtual Assistant
    In need of a creative mentor or tutor? I am here to assist you in design and creative services at a very reasonable fee; allow me to enhance your skills. $0.50/minute
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  • Agha Jamshed
    A professional creative tutor/mentor is here for assisting in designs and creative field like creating stories, scripts and plays with 7 years experience $0.25/minute
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  • KJ Tutor-Consultant
    Reliability is what I am good at Solidworks, Creo, Autocad, Catia, Ansys, Solidedge, Abaqus 3d/2d FEA analysis $0.25/minute
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  • JAVA UML DB Specialist
    Java,MSQL expert
    Expert in java, j2ee, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, Web Services, Database management and Design and Object oriented analysis and design. $0.25/minute
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  • Coding,DB,Research
    My expertise are adobe photoshop for interfaces, banners, logos, PowerPoint animated slides etc. $0.50/minute
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  • Ali_Sherazi
    I can guide you in Computer Sciences, IT, Engineering, Humanities, law , history, psychology, social science, ethnic studies and etc. $0.25/minute
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