• Robert Betancourt
    MA, Professional Counseling,Therapist
    Emotional Healing-25+ years experience in helping people find solutions that work. "one of the best therapists here" $1.25/minute
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  • Marilena Popa
    ***European expert in relationships and sexuality ready to assist you with understanding and overcoming your challenges! Ask for phone appointment! $1.25/minute
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  • Iain A. Morrison
    MA Psych Cert Ed.
    Is mental distress affecting your ability to cope? Do you feel no one understands or listens? I can and I will. $1.00/minute
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  • Ask Dora V
    Are you living your life at it’s fullest? Troubled by your health, relationships, professional challanges? Talk to an experienced professional now! $1.50/minute
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  • CanyonViewMD
    I am here to help you figure out what's going on with your health - mind & body. From making sense of symptoms to discussing a diagnosis, I am here for healthcare consults. $1.50/minute
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  • Samantha E
    Compassionate and caring mental health professional, available to help in a wide range of problems: mental, sexual, social or professional. $1.00/minute
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  • Dr Kazic
    Europian trained and certified specialist in internal medicine, with interest in gastroenterology $0.35/minute
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  • Mary Duncan
    Ph.D., Professional Counselor, C.Ht.
    Non-judgmental, compassionate professional ready to listen and help! ASK ABOUT SCHEDULED HYPNOTHERAPY SESSIONS! Change your life! $1.50/minute
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  • CC Coach MA
    Empathic support for whatever you're going through. Coaching for improved relationships, greater self-esteem, emotional healing, transformation of guilt, depression, and anger $1.15/minute
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  • Carol Cohen
    With my 25 years experience as a licensed psychotherapist, let me help you address any health or medical concerns you have, so you can resolve them quickly and easily. $1.75/minute
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  • Milton Mankoff
    Ph.D.; LMSW
    I can help with psychological and sexual health issues. I can also tell you if a treatment for a health problem has strong or weak scientific support. $1.38/minute
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  • Rafael Morales Toia
    Professional integral support focuses on how to promote your integral health and well-being, considering mind-body connection and interdependency. $1.38/minute
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  • Ken Fields
    Providing mental health counseling as part of wholistic well-being. Licensed. Compassionate and caring. 25+ years experience with all age groups. Ask about your free e-book. $1.38/minute
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  • Wendelin Comen
    To counsel I may apply Brief Intensive solution focused therapy. Topics of most experience are relationships, dating, divorce, anxiety, mood, sex issues, weight, ego, fea $1.31/minute
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  • Tracy Ann
    Down to earth, caring, supportive, nonjudgmental, with decades of experience. You are not alone! Let me help you overcome your obstacles. I'm here to talk with you. $1.25/minute
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  • Miriam Landau
    Let Me Help You. I'm Solution-focused, Caring, Realistic & Easy to talk to. A Therapist & Dietitian with Mind & Body Focus.30+ yrs Experience. $1.38/minute
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  • immaculate
    Are your health issues disturbing your peace of mind? You are in the right place then. Let me take a holistic approach to guide you through. $0.95/minute
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  • Ryan Kappel
    Questions about mental health or psychotropic medications? Talk to an experienced therapist about your concerns. $2.50/minute
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  • Barbara Freedman
    Mental Health Worker
    Mental Health Worker; Member of (OACCPP -Ontario Association of Consultants, Counselors, Psychometrists, & Psychotherapists) $1.27/minute
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