• Robert Ambrose
    LMHC - MS, NCC
    Having a difficult time with a spouse, friend, member of the family? Talk it out with me and let me help you put things in perspective and sort out what is happening. $2.25/minute
  • Beverly Burroughs, LCSW
    Relationships can bring with them conflict, pain, and confusion.If you are having difficulties in a relationship; there is help available. I have 38 years experience. $2.00/minute
  • Marwan Stanford
    Specialize in relationship issues and helping clients move closer to their goal of finding a mate to be in a healthy and fulfilling relationship. $1.50/minute
  • Candace Johnson
    Reduce anger immediately by improving your communication patterns with your partner so that you both are at peace. $3.00/minute
  • Lynaire McGovern
    I can help you understand, repair, or make a decision about a relationship. Nonjudgmental, compassionate listening and/or helpful advice provided if you wish. $1.65/minute
  • Cleopatra Victoria
    Relationships can be difficult to navigate, whether you are trying to find a partner, or struggling in an existing relationship. Let's work on making them more successful. $4.50/minute
  • Tammi Rider
    Most of us desire to be in relationships of all kinds. It is part of our human nature. While relationships can make us feel wonderful, they can also create lots of pain. $2.28/minute
  • Jenny Wood
    Licensed Professional Counselor
    Relationships can be wonderful and rewarding but they take a ton of effort and work. If you need help with your relationship issues, give me a shot, you won't be disappointted $2.09/minute
  • Monique Wilson
    Experiencing problems in your relationship? Need an objective professional to help you sort through things? I'm here to help. $1.77/minute