• Karen F Armstrong
    Life is stressful, at home, work, life in general. Do you become too easily anger over small things in life? Talk to me $1.29/minute
  • KJ Coaching-Tutorship
    Everyone is special its just about figuring out because dreams are meant to be achieved. You can definitely have a successful and happy life. $2.00/minute
  • Tera Julia
    Stress Management and Spiritual Life Coaching $0.50/minute
  • Stephanie Austin
    I have a great deal of experience in working with many individuals to help them achieve their full potential and I love what I do. I am very proud of the positive impact I have $1.00/minute
  • Joe Meadows
    Dealing with stress can be stress in itself. But I can help you manage and plan your time by first recognizing your stressors and teach you how to be in control. $1.20/minute
  • Lorna Firth
    I am dedicated and committed to the empowerment of my clients so they can take control of their lives easily and effortlessly.Removing the limiting beliefs and blocks. $0.70/minute
  • Leon Pereira
    Clinical Psychologist
    I can teach you to improve your coping skills and manage your anger. $1.75/minute
  • Carsten Werner
    Informational overflow, the pressure to provide and keep up, toxic foods, and environmental pollution are all causes of increasing Stress, leading to Anger and Frustration. $1.49/minute
  • Lei Ann Bridges
    Lei-Ann Bridges is a Certified Life Coach supporting clients in awakening to the infinite possibilities of powerful living. $1.49/minute
  • Gavin Gowans
    A professional life coach helping people and organisations learn to cope with stress, pain and illness, find your true purpose, fulfill your true infinite potential. $1.60/minute
  • Coach Jill
    Is stress keeping you from the life you want? I can help. $4.99/minute
  • Love Heals
    Intuitive Life Coach who is guided by the loving nature within to help empower others. As a natural healer and trained counselor I offer nurturing assistance in healing. $1.75/minute
  • Donna Joyce CLC
    I can help with your anger and your frustration. Certified in many areas as well as life experience. You only need to make this call. You'll be glad you did. $1.99/minute
  • Gary Schreiner
    Beat Stress. The Personal Toughness Coach will help you manage your stress and start enjoying life again. $2.65/minute
    Uncontrolled anger and stress are one of the worst experiences that you can experience. When anxiety and stress levels increase, you could be in trouble and you know it. $2.00/minute
  • Ligia
    In business or private life, success comes from assertiveness and looking for a win-win result. In alignment with your values, I coach you to an new, empowering view in life. $3.00/minute
  • HeartVibes
    Are you stressed out? Overcome fear, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that act as obstacles, preventing you from achieving your desires, dreams, and goals. $1.00/minute
  • Susan Burgess
    Is anger the enemy that is continually causing you destructive emotions. Why not learn to manage your anger and take full control of your life. $1.80/minute
  • Goodold fashioned listener
    Stress and anger can destroy a life and a career. Life coaching is the art of helping people see these in themselves and learn to control them. $1.00/minute
  • Life Coach Lise
    Life and Career Coach specializing in stress and anger management. $1.50/minute