• Magical Oracle
    *PREDICTIONS THAT HAPPEN* Read My REVIEWS! 10,000+ Miraculous Success stories by real clients. A Master Manifester.Bold Specific & Detailed. $12.50/minute
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  • Sid PowerfulVisions
    Natural Psychic, using tarot and astrology as my tools for giving you the best advice and insight possible! $5.00/minute
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    An Advisor, Author, Astrologer and Psychic [15+ Years Exp] Says...With the help of karma we can make our good time better positively…with the help of double karma we can make our bad time better positively… $1.00/minute
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  • The Love Advisor
    spiritrulist advisor
    THE FORTUNE TELLER Do you wanna know where your fortune Lies..Find out today...What Lies ahead tomorrow $5.00/minute
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  • Rekindle HopesHearts Amena
    Destiny reader.I Can Show u the Truth u so Desperately Need,I M TRULY A MASTER PSYCHIC WITH GENERATIONAL EXPERIENCE. My Readings are mind Blowing. $2.00/minute
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  • LightHelp
    Caring yet direct psychic insight into love, relationships and more. Helpful and non judgmental. Fast answers! $5.00/minute
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    I have been empowering people with knowledge and insight and honest answers. Using my Psychic abilities has always been a rewarding path for me. I feel blessed to be able to share my gifts with you $2.00/minute
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  • Ezekiel
    *Your Last Stop for Clarity* I offer caring answers and advice on how to clear life's hurdles and move forward into your best future. $3.00/minute
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  • Mrs Anastasia
    Experiencing difficulties in your life,call now for the answers you are looking for,$2.99 a min... $2.00/minute
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  • Psychic Zoe
    I am very detailed in all my readings. I promise you wont be disappointed. I can quickly connect with you and tell you in much detail whats ahead for you and when ! $2.50/minute
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  • MagicSong
    *Decode & Repair Your Relationship!* Peek into thoughts/ feelings. Fast Detailed Info....4.98 Stars! $5.00/minute
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    I am expert in fortune telling, I can tell you about your future based on your past and present. So, If you want to know what will be happening next in your life. $2.11/minute
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  • Psychic expert Saniya
    Fortune Teller giving answers & advice on all matters of life. Know your fortune with the divine experience and visions. So contact me now to know what lies in your destiny. $1.50/minute
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  • Psychics Valentina Heart
    proffesional psychic
    do you want to know what a certain person is feeling/thinking see what ur future has in store you $2.00/minute
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  • Max Insights
    I am Natural born psychic with real powers here to guide you in every situation, stop wondering and contact me now to get detailed answers without any sugar coat,fast typist. $2.00/minute
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    On the basis of My psychic abilities I can provide you the readings without using any tools and answer your all questions. Unfold past, determine future and see present $2.00/minute
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  • Diviner Mystic Rush
    I have the ability to look into your future and reveal what is best for you and what makes you happy in the future. I will connect with your future with the help of my intuition and will help you to make correct decision for future....) $1.79/minute
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  • TrUth ReVeaLeR Devi
    I can tell you about your future in terms of relationship and career, will let you know what is stored for you in this year and how things will pan out. No generic reading, Will be specific and detailed with my insight. $1.75/minute
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  • Mystic Sandra
    Honest detailed fortunes, try a live sessions. No sugar coating, honest interpretation only. $3.00/minute
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  • Twin Flame 911
    Born with a gift of seeing things others cannot. I can tell you what the future holds for you in any situation that you bring to me. $2.22/minute
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