Should I be concerned about my husband spending the [email protected] mom's house where his brother took his mistress?

My Mother-in-Law allowed my Brother-in-Law to spend countless overnight stays at her home w/his mistress. His wife has been a "Main Stay" and "Key Player" of the family. She sends cards and gifts on holiday's and my Mother-in-Law spent every [email protected] home for the last 35 years. Just to give bk grnd for my Sister-n-Law. But now my Husband is staying [email protected] mother's house 3 nights a wk and I feel that any woman married to her sons have been terrribly disrespected and he should not spend the night at her home for any reason. What do you think? My Husband is [email protected] home to avoid a long commute and I am beginning to wonder of that as well as there is no phone in the house to call, it is only by Cell Phone that we are communicating. His mother is now in a Senior Care Facility and he is visiting her instead of coming home. The more I write the more I am getting upset! Help me w/some advice.
By summer 10 years ago :: Marriage
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