why can't i find a man??????????

i broke up with my ex 1 1/2 years ago and i still haven't found anybody...i'm a little overweight but a pretty girl with a good sense of humor. I know I am shy a little and get intimidated by men easily, so what do I have to do to find someone. I'm 36 and would love to find someone to settle down and marry. would love some advice, especially from men, please be honest as possible
By stickynikki 9 years ago :: Dating
  • Wendy Comen
    Whether its sexual, deciding to break up or determining if he/she really is interested, I ask question that help reveal answers so you can in turn make better judgements. $2.32/minute
  • Rafael Morales
    I have extensive training and expertise in clinical, counseling, transpersonal/integral psychology and coaching. I provide support to those willing to work on themselves… $2.75/minute
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