Am i being an unreasonable stupid over bearing girlfriend? what should i do?

My bf of a year has started not talking to me as much or seeing me. He has been putting everything else first, like insted of seeing me he will watch a dvd or play with some sort of engine. I now only see him 3-4 hours a week. Ive tried speaking to him but he doesnt listen he just says im imagining it and we see each other the same amount. I feel that i shouldnt be second best.
I pay for everything, i buy him gifts to make him happy. He never has money because he puts it into engines etc.
We never do anything i want it's always what he wants to do, if i do something i want to he complains the whole time and puts it down.
Even his familys told me i deserve better than him. He treats them exactly the same as he treats me.
By confused_girl 10 years ago :: Dating
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