this girl liked me or might not.

we are okay friends,been friends for 5yrs,just las feb. she got my number an ask to text her....i did so one night we had fun,went to her place....slept in the smae bed....the thing is that night. i was goin to kiss her....she,said she don't kiss the frist night....i got up the next day...she had to work....i had nothing....she lay in bed...i start to rub her back,she moves my hand started to fingger her an all that....rubing her tits an kissing her back of her neck....the she would let me have sex with her.

SO then she ask to shower with her,i said no...cuz she has teesed me.
then she would text me say i had done an amazing job on i text her its not the same....whut do i do........stop talking to her or try goin some place with this girl...............she is amazing peace of work.
she once said she was testing me!!!!!! ned help now!!!
By andrew320 10 years ago :: Dating
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