Do you think that I should break up with my girlfriend for she is going to study for 3 years abroad?

Me and my girlfriend have dated for one year, and the situation between us was fifty -fifty for me! However, two months ago, she left in another country abroad ,very far away for me , for she want to make master degree abroad! Now, we can see each other only 3 times in year for 15 day two times and one time for 2 months in the summer! Moreover ,she is always busy with her education there, and we speak on skype only 3, 4 times a week for one hour the most! It looks to me that she has always more time for her education than to be with me! What do you think guys, do you think that I should break up with my girlfriend because she is neglecting me big time according to me because of her education?
By Vd_01 9 years ago :: Dating
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