Alright. Time to say sorry.

Alright, look everyone. I'm 15. It's time to set everything straight and sort stuff out before I leave (sorta). So. Many of you are questioning the panda bear thing. I figured that if I switched my name I could continue posting here. Unfortunately, the name switch affected my other posts also, so I doubt that really fooled anybody. I'll be creating a whole new account at some point in the future, and give no details about myself so I won't be causing any more fights, because I know all I've been doing is causing drama, and I'm sorry for that. If I've left anything out please post it below and I'll set everything straight before I delete this account and create a new one at some point in the future. Oh, and a side note, i've only been under three names using sidetaker. Invalid_name94 (i stopped using this as I forgot the password), invalid name (what most of you know me by) and now panda bear, an attempt to start fresh on sidetaker.
By Invalid_name 9 years ago :: General
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