Why he never picks up?

Everytime I call or text my husband he never responds back. He will text me back once in a while but when he's out and I call him or text him he never responds back to me. We have unlimited text and unlimited calling. When he comes home and I ask him he always has the same excuse "oh my phone was on silent or oh I didn't hear or I don't have time to talk to you. Okay now don't think I'm a nagging wife because I'm not when I text him I always say the same thing like when are you comig home?..what would you like to eat for dinner?..you want to go out and eat?..I miss you..or I love you!..it makes me think that he's doing something that I don't know of because he's always late whenever we need to go somewhere..someone tell me!
By 9 years ago :: Marriage
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