Are there are any girls out there who regularly shave down there?

I have been in long term relationships and short term casual ones, and i never felt pressured to be completely shaved down there before.. I would do it once in a while just as a surprise to whoever I was with, or maybe for the first couple of times.. but not like a regular thing.

My boyfriend on the other hand seems to think that "all the girls do it" and it's normal... I think it's partially because this is his first serious relationship so he doesn't really know how relationships work. You cant put your "face" on forever! Except he seems to think I'm just being a brat cuz I am lazy and I don't want to try and be attractive for him...

I would think any guy with any experience would know that if a girl tries to be attractive for you, it's her choice, not something you should pressure her into doing because she will resent you for it. I am losing my sex drive cuz I don't feel like he finds me beautiful if he's constantly pressuring me to change myself. So now I am getting passive aggressive comments about that and it's kind of driving me up a wall.

Am I being completely unreasonable here?
By magictricks 9 years ago :: Dating
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