Being 100% sure about sleeping with someone?

This may sound ridiculous, but should you always be 100% sure you want to sleep with someone before you do it? I'm debating sleeping with this guy friend but I'm not sure if I want to/should. I feel like I would mostly being doing it because
- he kinda suggested it (although didn't push it at all),
- just out of curiosity,
- just for fun.

Are these good reasons? Obviously I'm not planning to fall in love here, it's more just for fun/out of convenience. Thoughts? Thanks.
I trust him. We'd use condoms. Does he use condoms? I'm sure he wouldn't get made if I changed my mind. We would both deal with it if the other person found someone. And I find him reasonably attractive, I just never really thought about him in that way before cause we've just always been "pals"...
By 9 years ago :: Dating
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