High expectations / romantic imagination?

My boyfriend and I have been together 2 years. In the beginning he was very romantic but seems to have stopped trying. I always expect to come home to find flowers or candles lit or something and it never happens.
Like, if I'm at work and he stops texting me for a few hours I start to get these ideas worked up in my head that he is planning a suprise for me, or out buying me flowers, or looking at engagement rings?

Is this crazy? I dont know what to do, I have told him I would love it if he were more romantic but it doesn't seem to get through. We are very much in love and this is hurting our relationship, because I sometimes end up disappointed that my silly fantasies don't turn out to be real.

what should I do? try to talk to him? try to stop thinking this way?
By rachel2244 9 years ago :: Dating
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