If a pet causes an large amount of damage, should I still keep it because it's "my responsibility"?

My sister found a stray cat outside, and after not being able to find the owners, decided to keep it. Within just the first week it got into a fight with her other cat, but my mom tried to intervene and ended up in the hospital from a cat bite. since then, It's urinated on my mattress, my clothes, scratched up the sofa, and urinated on a lot of the carpet. All in all, it's caused literally thousands of dollars in damages and my sister says it's our fault for leaving stuff out in the open, but I've been told since it's "our responsibility" I'm supposed to just deal with it. Am I wrong in thinking it's time to let this cat go? is the blame with us or the cat?
By brisingrlover773 2 years ago :: General
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