NEED ADVICE..... STAT!! I need to know or get advice on how to possibly move with my life while still in love.

I was with someone almost 5 yrs...he proposed 2 yrs ago, orignally he was from the northeast, then he moved to CA and LOVES it out ther, Im a single mom so after he proposed, i decided i should move to CA as well. However, got way too homesick and needed to be with family in the northeast, then he moved back for me, proposed the 2nd time, and he was MISERABLE in the NE! so i let him go and decided it was best that we should be happy togther where we want to live....PROBLEM: we are extremely in love with each other, i feel like he's my soulmate, he feels exactly the same way, we are having such a hard time getting over one another, and its making my life hell, trying to move on, and nothing comes out of it due to these feelings!! Im dating the perfect marriage material guy now, and all i can think of is my ex in CA...i dont know what to do, i feel like i want to start a family very soon, i already have a 7yr old, and would like to have another baby, however, this back and forth situation has gotten toooo much for me to handle!! please please give me some advice!!!
By Posh17 10 years ago :: Dating
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