Who's in the wrong here?

My fiance is really controlling, but I feel like this is just going over the edge. I left my old job about two months ago, and this guy, who is significantly older than I, got in touch with me via facebook and wants to get coffee to catch up. I feel more than normally obligated to agree since he is going through a divorce and has a three year old girl. I told my fiance about this and he absolutely lost it. He started accusing me of cheating on him, like always, (something I would never do), calling me names, and slept on the couch. My fiance has met this guy a couple times before so it's not like it's some stranger. But at the same time I do understand where it would seem like a date of some sorts, but it's really not. What should I do? Am I in the wrong here?
By a12489 10 years ago :: Dating
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