My question is, can a guy and gal just be friends?

Okay, here's my problem, I guess you'd call it - my husband is a service tech, so he travel's a pretty big area in our state. So that means he comes in contact with all types of people. To make a very long story half way short - one of the people that he has done work for threw where he works, naturally is a younger gal - and about 3 or 4 yrs ago he starts talking about her, and how nice she is, and what well behaved kids she has - and that how her and her husband what to add on to their home, yadyadyad........told me all about her flower garden and so forth....and from time to time he'd talk about her, mainly the same stuff...until about 2 months ago - we had just moved into a new home - and yes, he had to tell her all about that, even show her pictures of our house. Now this gal is suppose to be real athleadic and so on........I couldn't ever get him to drink water, but now he's doing so......duh???.........We want to have a house warming party, and guess who he wants to invite???.......said that she pry wouldn't bring her husband,, mmmm???
Then about 3 wks ago, he starts asking about Disney World and what it costs and stuff???..........and that came up out of the blue, so I asked why, and he had to admit that this gal was going there on vacation.........that now their emailing eachother... Now keep in mind, he has his computer, I have a laptop, my passwords sign you in automatic.........his, you have to type in the past word and I don't have that info............Plus, now he has opened a gmail account, which I can't get into either.........So now, just this last Saturday morning early, he was downstairs in the computer room, reading an email, I walked up behind him and scared him, he jumped up and tried to hug me and then wanted me to turn around, and I did get away from him and walk up to the screen and sorta read a little of this email - it said something about thanking everyone that supported (there was no name signed at the bottom) and how this person so glad to have him as a friend, and yada yada.........and he acted so damn guilted!!!!.......... Thats what makes me wonder...if their really just friends or if its more then that..........and before anyone asks.......yes he's home at night and the weekends...........she lives in a different town, so maybe thats a good thing................Do I have anything to worry about?..........and if not, why does he act so guilty when he's reading an email that he doesn't want me to see???
By Baileygirl 10 years ago :: Friends
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