• Nearly 10 years after my college boyfriend dumped he contacted me on facebook. Why do you think he did this?
    asked 9 years ago | 23 answers
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  • My Girlfriend just told me that she is breaking up with me and that she does not love me! What should I do?
    asked 9 years ago | 7 answers
  • My ex never return my calls/text messages, what should I do?
    asked 9 years ago | 38 answers
  • Is he wrong about his child support or am I really the greedy witch he accuses me of being?
    asked 9 years ago | 19 answers
  • Is it desperate to b all ovr somebody that you know is shy, and you still persue them bcuz you know its easy?
    asked 9 years ago | 9 answers
  • is it wrong of me to ask my baby daddy for help with car repairs?
    asked 9 years ago | 11 answers
  • Should I explain my girlfriend situation to my ex? Should I explain the Ex situation to my Girlfriend? BOTH?
    asked 9 years ago | 20 answers
  • My boyfriend just added his ex after we had a little fight! do you think he stopped loving me?
    asked 9 years ago | 19 answers
  • How to get rid of my ex???( PART 2)
    asked 9 years ago | 13 answers
  • How to get rid of my ex?????
    asked 9 years ago | 24 answers
  • Woman arrested for calling 911 four times about her cell phone
    asked 9 years ago | 12 answers
  • Should i move on or should i concentrate in studies?
    asked 9 years ago | 15 answers
  • Should I be worried about my boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend and the relationship they currently have?
    asked 9 years ago | 19 answers
  • Do I take his threats serious or continue to blow him off?
    asked 9 years ago | 11 answers
  • How do you stop thinking about an ex-boyfriend?
    asked 9 years ago | 19 answers
  • how to handle my ex's best friend?
    asked 10 years ago | 14 answers
  • kicked him to the curb...
    asked 10 years ago | 10 answers
  • Who's right? Who's wrong? What should I do? I'm deeply hurt..
    asked 10 years ago | 20 answers
  • Would I be a fool take him back?
    asked 10 years ago | 12 answers
  • Am I better off choosing contempt of the family court orders
    asked 10 years ago | 7 answers
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