• I grew up with a narcissistic father. Am I continuing down the same road with my child?
    asked 1 year ago | 0 answers
  • Arundhati Dutta
    MSW (NYU)
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  • How can I get my 4 year old daughter to stop sucking her fingers?
    asked 1 year ago | 0 answers
  • My wife says she is going to kill my daughter (her step daughter) out of frustration.
    asked 3 years ago | 0 answers
  • Ok to put 10 yr old to bed on top of a huge heap of stuffed animals? Is this a healthy sleeping environment?
    asked 4 years ago | 0 answers
  • My husband and my 17yo son hate one another.
    asked 4 years ago | 0 answers
  • How do I become a good stepmom?
    asked 5 years ago | 0 answers
  • My 4 years old daughter takes a lot of time to eat her food. Holding bite in her mouth and not swallowing it?
    asked 7 years ago | 5 answers
  • Baby girl name- Calla Kasinda Lynn Hill Avery Brielle Lynn Hill
    asked 7 years ago | 2 answers
  • Is it wrong to have a baby out of wedlock?
    asked 8 years ago | 2 answers
  • Do you like Guinevere Melaugh (Meh-Law) or Finley Melaugh better for a girl's name?
    asked 8 years ago | 2 answers
  • would you name your son Levi Garrett despite the fact that is an old brand of chewing tobacco?
    asked 8 years ago | 5 answers
  • Partner's mother is a pain!
    asked 8 years ago | 3 answers
  • How does parenting time/visitation affect a baby/child?
    asked 8 years ago | 6 answers
  • Is it appropriate for a 12 year old to dress like a prostitute for Halloween?
    asked 9 years ago | 18 answers
  • How late should a fifteen year old girl stay out.?
    asked 9 years ago | 9 answers
  • My two years old pull my hair?
    asked 9 years ago | 10 answers
  • how do you stop a 15 year old from hitting her mother
    asked 9 years ago | 10 answers
  • How much television for a 2 yrs old? My daughter watches Dora for about 3,4 hrs a day. Is that ok?
    asked 9 years ago | 11 answers
  • I have a 1yr old and she is constantly hitting scratching throwing tantrums is she old enough to punish?
    asked 9 years ago | 10 answers
  • Should I go to the show or not?
    asked 9 years ago | 17 answers
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