• My sister married my ex-husband of 12 1/2 years. Is it ok that I'm not talking to her anymore? Bitter Ex
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  • Did my girlfriend over react over FLOWERS? Am I being Insensitive? Dating
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  • Boyfriend of 18 months introduced me as his "friend"? Dating
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  • I want someone beat up Parenting
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  • Can a man be in love w/ someone else, but not be w/ them b/c he stays w/ the mother of his kids? Dating
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  • Should a husband/wife be allowed to go out separately with friends every once in awhile? Marriage
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  • Brother in-law has ruined my marriage Marriage
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  • How do you get over a man you were having an affair with that went back to his wife? Marriage
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  • Does the America of the past still exist? Neighbors
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  • Rude or I'm the parent so I do what I want? General
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  • Why does my partner say i cant go out at night with friends.and gets cross if i go out with my 14year old to lunch Dating
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  • I hate that I always beg for sex to get it. Only time she’s intimate with me is when she’s drunk. Dating
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  • Shouldn't my Mom let me move back home? Parent/Child
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  • At the Car Wash...who was wrong? Me or her? Dating
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