Breast Implants Are Not A Family Priority

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Side 1 says...
My wife and I have been married for 4 years. We are both 28 years old.

She has always wanted to get a boob job. She is a b/c cup, but has just wanted to have bigger implants. At first I was against this idea, but I have recently warmed up to it, and now agree with her doing it. The problem is the approximately $8,000 it is going to cost us to do it. We have a house with a mortgage, two young children, and I will be starting a new business in the near future.

I have a decent job right now (she is a wonderful stay at home mom), and we have done pretty well in the stock market recently. We have more than enough in our account right now to afford the boob job, and she would like to get it right now. My contention is that the money is for our retirement, our kids college, home repairs, a safety net while I start a new business, the new car we will need to buy as I will no longer have a company car, updating our master bathroom (one of our sinks has not worked for over 6 months) and anything else that might come up. I feel that the $8,000 boob job is a luxury that we should wait for until $8,000 isn’t such a large expense for us (It would be the most expensive thing we have ever bought next to our house).

She wants to get the boob job right now, because she does not want to wait until she is older. She fights and complains and asks for a boob job nearly every other day. It is creating a lot of stress on our marriage.

As a compromise, last month I started a “boob job” account for her at our bank. I put $250 in the account, and told her for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and any other time that I have extra cash, I will contribute to the account. She can also contribute to the account by being more frugal with our money (shopping less, finding ways to save on our necessities). This is not enough for her.

Also, she recently received a large gift, of $3,000, from one of her grandparents. I made what I though was a generous offer, and said that we could put half of that into the “boob job” account, and half would go towards our savings. This was unacceptable to her, as she had already ticketed the whole $3,000 to go towards her boob job.

I found this, and this whole situation, to be extremely selfish on her part. All of the money that I make, any gift that I receive, and any money I have made in the market goes into “our” account. It goes toward our savings, our bills, and anything else our family might need.

My wife seams to think that her boob job should be our family’s number one priority right now, and that we should take money out of our savings to do this. Please help her understand that saving, spending wisely, and making sure you are prepared for a rainy day are more important than a boob job for a young family.
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Side 2 says...
Here is my side of the story. I disagree with my husband. I think he is very very cheap person and his way of thinking is different than mine. I am European woman so I appologies if there are some mistakes in the text. I really want to have a boob job done .I don’t like my breasts and especially after giving a birth to my two kids. I went from cup B to cup A which was very depressing for me. I look in the mirror and feel so self conscious and so disliked. I think we live in time that women can change everything in them if they don’t like it or if it will make them feel better.My husband was against it but now he tells me to wait and get it done when we have money which may mean never. And I am young once .I really want to have it done now not when my skin is wrinkled and old. It wont make me feel better then (and old lady with a fake boobs)It might be a little selfish, but my husband don’t even understand how I feel and don’t want to undertstand. All he want to do is save money for when we are old and retire which is nice ,but not as nicer as being young and beautiful. I am currently staying at home mom. I would love to work one day and help or pay my kids with collage education, but things in life happen I might die tomorrow and I want to live my life the way I like it now .I don’t want to live in future cause there might not be a future. I want to live in present moment and enjoy it the way I want. I know we can afford it now that’s why I want it ,but my husband always try to let me down on everything I want because he was raise like this .He is a great person but his mentality and way of thinking are so different. I respect his way and agree to a point , but why I cant do something that will make me feel happy for once in my life.I hope people can read my side also and give their opinions. Thank you.
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