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my husband is a always on the road with his job he enjoys beer in his leisure time and he never seems interested in our marriage anymore based his side of the story four years ago I made a comment about someone in his family one night, he didn;t like what was said, however he never seem to mention much about it, long story short we later had a child together about a year later to be exact, 4 years have gone by now he seems to bring this particular event up ( the comment that was made about one of his family members, he can;t let go of it and stated it hurt him so bad he just can't forgive me and he wants a divorce, he states he is not happy with the marriage and he just doesn;t want to be a husband anymore, we can' t afford to move out on our own let alone pay for a divorce, we are strapped when it comes to money, I want to work on things he will not commicate with me he sleeps on the couch and has been doing this for a year now, I love him but he acts like a person with no feelings at all, I am sad and lonely and upset at how this making our child feel , my child tells me that we should be a family and mommy and daddy need to fall back in love, he doesn't ever take us anywhere or take me out, even just to the park as a family he seems very occupied with work and bills to discuss anything, should I move out and seek help from my family or stay in this loveless marriage and hope it gets better, I would love to see it work , he is one sided and I can't get anywhere with that,
Added by amy32 (female)
Side 2 says...
my wife is a great mom however she has a very smart mouth and has had to make it known how she feels often using words to describe when she doesn't like something, I am who I am I like to relax after work and drink a six pack , I work hard and deserve piece and quiet, she doesn't understand this, I go on road trips to make extra money and better my career, I can't take her mouth, she can be hateful at times, I know I don't talk much but she doesn;t understand me I have left at times at night and went to a bar just to get away and relax and I don't see anything wrong with that it had been late sometimes when I return but she should be in bed alsleep and taking care of the house and our child, I can;t forgive her for making a strong comment regarding someone dear to me 4 years ago I will never forgive her as long as I live, some things you just don't forget
Added by steve33 (male)
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