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Side 1 says...
I try so hard to make my boyfriend's family accept me. They just won't think of it. He's very close to them and really listens to what they have to say and takes it to heart. They don't approve of me because I have 4 tattoos and a nose ring. The really bad thing about it is I got the tattoos and nose ring after we started dating so they did accept me at first and were really nice.

I have never been anything other than nice to them. I go out of my way to do it. They barely look at me if I go to their house. They never talk to me first and there answers are short if they talk to me at all. I know my boyfriend is uncomfortable when I'm there and I've seen that he invites me over less and less.

Should I even bother with a guy that won't tell his family to accept me or at least treat me like they would anyone else? I think he needs to say something because this is really starting to piss me off.
Added by rollerchilly (female)
Side 2 says...
I can't say they are happy with you getting inked. They think it's trashy and think that you aren't making good decisions because you will have them the rest of your life in visible places. They don't really care about the nose ring because that can go away. They think it's a pattern and you will keep getting more and more and they don't like it - their words not mine.

They are entitled to their opinion. You say things about them and what they do all the time to me also.

Obviously it's not my opinion because I'm still with you. honestly I don't like the tattoos. I like you though and if they make you happy it's good. You can go overboard with them and there will be a point where I don't think they look good.

About my parents - I'm not gonna say something because we are not even close to thinking about marriage or any of that stuff that may cause problems. If we were there, I'd talk to them about it. I'm not confronting them about this.
Added by sicophant (male)
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